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Saturday, September 19 @ Breese Stevens Field, Madison

Featuring Speakers from across the nation
And Plenty of Good Food, New Friends!, Old Friends!, Live Music & Beer
Fighting Bob Fest is Free.
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About Fighting Bob Fest

Fighting Bob Fest’s mission is informed by the belief that public participation in government has tragically eroded, that corporations dominate the policymaking process, and that elected officials systematically neglect the public interest as they purport to represent it. The Fest’s organizers further assert that freedom and justice are defended through education, and that the exchange of ideas promotes solidarity among progressives. To this end, Fighting Bob Fest strives to provide citizens with a forum for democratic participation, where frustrations with current policies can be constructively molded into calls to action. Real action. Read More About Fighting Bob Fest
Fighting Bob Fest will be held at Breese Stevens Field, Madison